No 76 (2013)

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Front Matter

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Letter from the Editor PDF HTML
Patrick Kennelly 3-4

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Mountains Unseen: Developing a Relief Map of the Hawaiian Seafloor PDF HTML
Tom Patterson 5-18
Identification of partially occluded map symbols PDF HTML
Jari Arvi Korpi, Mohammad Haybatollahi, Paula Ahonen-Rainio 19-32

Cartographic Collections

Maps as the Art of Necessity: The Lilly Library War of 1812 Map Collection PDF HTML
Lori Dekydtspotter, Heiko Mühr 33-42

On the Horizon

Time Series Proportional Symbol Maps with Leaflet and jQuery PDF HTML
Richard G. Donohue, Carl M. Sack, Robert E. Roth 43-66

Practical Cartographer's Corner

Census Mapping Mashup PDF HTML
Paul Hunt 67-76

Visual Fields

Experimental Terrain Representation PDF HTML
Kelly Abplanalp 77-78


Review of London: A History in Maps PDF HTML
Patti Day 79-81
Review of The World at Their Fingertips: Eighteenth-Century British Two-Sheet Double-Hemisphere World Maps PDF HTML
Ian Muehlenhaus 81-83
Review of Napa Valley Historical Ecology Atlas: Exploring a Hidden Landscape of Transformation and Resilience PDF HTML
Lisa Sutton 83-84


Instructions for Authors PDF
Instructions for Authors 85-86

ISSN: 1048-9053