No 63 (2009)

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Letter from the Editor PDF
Fritz Kessler 3-4

Featured Articles

Investigating Geospatial Holograms for Special Weapons and Tactics Teams PDF
Sven Fuhrmann, Nevada J. Smith, Mark Holzbach, Terry Nichols 5-19
Asymmetrical Learning of Locations on Maps: Implicit Learning, Prior Knowledge and Sex Differences PDF
David L. Patton, Robert Earl Lloyd 20-50
Results of the 2009 Cartographic Perspectives Readership Survey PDF
Fritz Kessler, Amy Griffin 51-63


Cartographic Cinema PDF
Daniel G. Cole 64-66
Placing History: How Maps, Spatial Data, and GIS Are Changing Historical Scholarship PDF
Daniel G. Cole 66-69
Terra Incognita: Mapping the Antipodes before 1600 PDF
Jonathon F. Lewis 69-71
Understanding Place: GIS and Mapping across the Curriculum PDF
Dr. Nicholas Karanikolas 71-73

Cartographic Collections

The University of Georgia Libraries Map Library PDF
Hallie Pritchett 74-75
The Maps Collection of the National Library of Australia PDF
Dr. Martin P. Woods 75-83

Practical Cartographer's Corner

A Technique for Encoding Elevation Changes Along a Route PDF
Daniel Huffman 83-86

Visual Fields

Mollymaps PDF
Molly Holmberg 86-88


Color Figures PDF
Marginalia Color Figures 89-91

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