No 37 (2000)

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Front Matter

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Letter from the Editor PDF
Michael P. Peterson 1, 3, 104-105
Cartography, Digital Transitions, and Questions of History PDF
John Pickles 4-18
Business, Governments and Technology: Inter-linked Causal Factors of Change in Cartography PDF
David Rhind 19-25

Featured Articles

Internet Maps in the Context of Community Right-to-Know versus Public Safety PDF
Rex G. Cammack, Lindsay Svadbik 26-33
Use and Users of Maps on the Web PDF
Corné P.J.M. van Elzakker 34-50
Webcams, Interactive Index Maps, and Our Brave New World’s Brave New Globe PDF
Mark Monmonier 51-64
A New Technology for Interactive Online Mapping with Vector Markup and XML PDF
Ilya Zavlavsky 65-77

Practical Cartographer's Corner

Desktop Hachure Maps from Digital Elevation Models PDF
Patrick J. Kennelly, A. Jon Kimerling 78-81

Cartographic Collections

Estimating the Size of a Large Map Collection or How I "Lost" 200,000 Maps and Still Kept My Job PDF
John Anderson 82-88
The Bodeleian Library, Oxford, United Kingdom PDF
Nick Millea 88-90


Recent Atlases of Mortality in the United States: A Comparative Review PDF
Russell S. Kirby 91-94
Air Apparent. How meteorologists learned to map, predict and dramatize weather. PDF
Melissa Lamont 95-96
Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World PDF
Jenny Marie Johnson 96-98


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