No 29 (1998)

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Front Matter

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Message from NACIS' President PDF
Patricia Gilmartin 1, 61
That Interactive Thing You Do PDF
Michael P. Peterson 3-5

Featured Articles

Beyond Graduated Circles: Varied Point Symbols for Representing Quantitative Data on Maps PDF
Cynthia Brewer, Andrew J. Campbell 6-25
Animation-Based Map Design: The Visual Effects of Interpolation on the Appearance of Three-Dimensional Surfaces PDF
Stephen Lavin, Sonja Rossum, Shawn R. Slade 26-34
Decision-Making with Conflicting Cartographic Information: The Case of Groundwater Vulnerability Maps PDF
Charles P. Rader, James D. Janke 35-47


The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care PDF
Russell S. Kirby 48-49
Mapping an Empire: The Geographical Construction of British India, 1765-1843 PDF
W. Elizabeth Jepson 49-51
Atlas of Oregon Wildlife: Distribution, Habitat, and Natural History PDF
James E. Meacham 51-53

Practical Cartographer's Corner

GIS Data Made Manageable for Cartographic Production PDF
Louis Cross III 53-57

Cartographic Collections

The Louisiana State University Cartographic Information Center PDF
John M. Anderson 57-58
The University of Iowa's Map Collection PDF
Mary McInroy 58

ISSN: 1048-9053