No 21 (1995)

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Message From the Editor PDF
Sona Andrews 1-2

Featured Articles

The Benefits of Verbal and Spatial Tasks in Contour Map Learning PDF
Margaret Lanca, John R. Kirby 3-15
Map Libraries in Transition: Conference Opening Remarks PDF
Christopher Baruth 16-17
The Future Of Digital Data In Map Collections: One Perspective PDF
Colleen Beard 18-20
Disenfranchisement: Paranoia or Possibilities PDF
Debra D. Lords 21-23
Building The Virtual Map Library: Some Considerations PDF
Patrick McGlamery 24-27
Transition in the World of Map Libarianship PDF
Gary W. North 28-29
Sources of Error in a Map Series, or Science as a Socially Negotiated Enterprise PDF
Peter Gould 30-48
Planning For GIS In Libraries: Decisions, Choices and Opportunities PDF
Linda R. Zellmer 49-52
What You'll Need To Know To Use GIS in 2001 PDF
Ronald Alber 53-56

Cartographic Collections

Cartography at the 1995 AAG Meeting PDF
Jim Anderson 37-38


Thematic Mapping from Satellite Imagery: A Guidebook PDF
Michael Peterson 41-42
American Places Dictionary: A Guide to 45,000 Populated Places, Natural Features, and other Places in the United States. PDF
Christopher Baruth 42-43
Basic Cartography for Students and Technicians, Vol I, 2nd ed. PDF
Jeremy Crampton 43-44
Disease and Medical Care in the United States: A Medical Atlas of the Twentieth Century PDF
Connie Weil 44-45


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