No 19 (1994)

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Front Matter

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Message From the Editor PDF
Sona Karentz Andrews 1-2

Featured Articles

Designing Animated Maps For A Multimedia Encyclopedia PDF
David DiBiase 3-7
Proactive Graphics for Exploratory Visualization of Biogeographical Data PDF
Barbara P. Buttenfield, Christopher R. Weber 8-19
The Armchair Traveler Plugs In: Multimedia Cartography as a Visual Supplement to Travel Writing PDF
Shannon des Roches 20-25
Using High-Resolution Digital Scans in Multimedia Cartographic Applications PDF
David W. Tilton 26-30
Creating Interactive Media on CD-ROM PDF
Sona Karentz Andrews 31-39

Cartographic Collections

Multimedia Cartography at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee PDF
David Tilton 40
Multimedia at Penn State PDF
David DiBiase, John Krygier 40-41
Macromedia DIRECTOR 4.0 An Overview PDF
John Krygier 42
LINKWAY LIVE: An Authoring Tool for DOS and Windows PDF
Laurie Molina 43

Practical Cartographer's Corner

Mosaic and the World Wide Web PDF
Michael E. Ritter 44-46


Historical Atlas of Canada. Volume II. The Land Transfonned, 1800-1891 PDF
John H. Long 48-49
Atlas of the Pacific Northwest, 8th ed. PDF
Joseph Poracsky 49-51
Maps are Territories: Science is an Atlas PDF
Mark Warhus 51-53
Mapmakers of tlze Sixteenth Century and Their Maps. Bio-Bibliograplzies of the Cartographers of Abraham Ortelius, 1570 PDF
Clinton Edwards 53-54


Cartographic Events PDF
Marginalia Cartographic Events 47
Marginalia NACIS News 55-57

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