No 14 (1993)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

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Message from NACIS President PDF
Jeffrey C. Patton 1-2
Malcolm Swanston And The State Of The World Atlas: Putting Derby On The Map PDF
Andrew Skinner 28-31

Featured Articles

The Impact of the Implementation of The North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83) on Aeronautical Navigation in the United States PDF
Ronald M. Bolton 3-8
Maritime Boundaries on National Ocean Service Nautical Charts PDF
Charles Harrington 9-15

Cartographic Collections

Postscript Microcomputer Cartography: Trends And Possibilities PDF
Brad Javenkoski 16-18
Esri And ARL Launch GIS Literacy Project PDF
James Minton 18-20


Pictorial Maps PDF
Charles Rader 20-21
The New State of the World Atlas, 4th edition PDF
Ellen R. White 21-22
Software Review: ATLAS*PRO and ATLAS*GIS PDF
Robert Werner 22-27


Announcements PDF
Marginalia Announcements 31-32
Recent Publications PDF
Marginalia Recent Publications 33
Cartographic Events PDF
Marginalia Cartographic Events 34
Marginalia NACIS News 35

ISSN: 1048-9053