Computer-aided Mapping for Facilities Management and Environmental Compliance A Case Study

Diane C. Drigot, Margaret E. Elliott, Karen L. Glyn


As staff and budgets shrink and environmental requirements grow, facilities managers face a critical need for more timely access to geographic-based information to achieve regulatory compliance. An integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) can successfully satisfy this need for a large municipality. But for managers at smaller facilities, a full-function GIS often exceeds what is needed and affordable. Such managers can derive similar benefits with minimal staff, budget, and equipment investments by developing a microcomputerbased system, using CAD/CAM software as a mapping package linked with third-party database management software. This paper describes how a military installation in Hawai'i successfully built such a system using AutoCAD and dBase III+.


computer-aided mapping; management; environment; GIS; CAD

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