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  1. Amy L. Griffin, RMIT University

Assistant Editor

  1. Daniel P. Huffman, somethingaboutmaps

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  1. Terri J. Robar, University of Miami

On the Horizon

  1. Andrew Woodruff, Axis Maps LLC

Practical Cartographer's Corner


  1. Mark Denil, No Affiliation, United States

Views on Cartographic Education

  1. Fritz Kessler, The Pennsylvania State University, United States

Visual Fields

  1. Matt Dooley, Univ.Wisconsin-River Falls

Editorial Board

  1. Sarah Battersby, Tableau Software, United States
  2. Dr. Raechel Anne Bianchetti, Department of Geography Michigan State University
  3. Cynthia Brewer, Pennylvania State University
  4. Matt Dooley, Univ.Wisconsin-River Falls
  5. Matthew H Edney, Universities of Southern Maine and Wisconsin, United States
  6. Dr. Sara Fabrikant, University of Zurich
  7. Bernhard Jenny, Monash University, Australia
  8. Patrick Kennelly, Long Island University
  9. Fritz Kessler, The Pennsylvania State University
  10. Mark Monmonier, Syracuse University
  11. Dr. Ian Muehlenhaus, University of Wisconsin–Madison, United States
  12. Michael P. Peterson, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  13. Anthony C. Robinson, Pennsylvania State University
  14. Robert E. Roth, UW-Madison

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